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Are you looking for well-trained crew for your next charter?  Are you looking to start a career in the exciting, exclusive yachting industry?  Have you trained with us and are now ready for the next step?  See our options below!

  • YBA 3 Day Training

    Perfect for those looking to work on a yacht crew
    Valid for one week
    • Overview of yachting industry
    • Basic nautical terminology
    • Professionalism— etiquette, protocols, and confidentiality
    • Safety, life on board and responding to emergencies
    • Exterior & Interior Skills
    • Styles of service techniques and hospitality
    • YBA Training Manual
    • Tools and Checklist used
    • Practical assessment and application
    • Shadowing senior crew members

    Every month
    For trained YBA crew members
     30 day free trial
    • Priority Work Placement
    • YBA Crew & Captain "Perfect Match" System
    • In-House Training & Refresher Courses
    • Assigned Agent For Pay Rate Negotiations
    • Access to YBA Workplace Wellbeing Activities
    • Online Crew Member Profile and Digital Comp Cards
    • Professional Profile Photos
    • Resume Building Assistance
    • Access to Exclusive Industry Events
    • Career Growth Opportunities & Advice
    • Access To Our Network of Yacht Owners & Captains
    • Crew Accommodation Assistance
    • Discounted Additional Training, Clothing, and Charters
  • YBA Captain Club

    Every month
    Perfect for captains of yacht(s)
     30 day free trial
    • Access to Professionally Trained Crew Profiles
    • YBA Crew & Captain Match System
    • On-Call Crew Availability and Reliability
    • Assigned Agent For Pay Rate Negotiations
    • Concierge Services
    • Discounted Yacht Provisioning & Accessories
    • Crew Location & Time Management
    • Fleet Marketing Opportunities
    • Access to exclusive events
  • YBA Owner Club

    Every month
    Perfect for owners & managers of yacht(s) or fleet
     30 day free trial
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